Are you a Geek?

One thing that gets my goat , is people claiming to be geek when in my opinion they are really not. Whilst i understand the history of the word geek meaning originally people who did strange things with poultry, for at least the last 30-50 years its meant those who are fairly clued up on subjects.
For some reason, in the last 5 years its suddenly changed, because its now cool to be geek. However having come from an IT background, and being one of the original ‘geeks’ of IT, this pees me off no end!
So here, i put together a list for you of what i think IS or IS NOT a tech/IT Geek. (Note: there are geeks of other cultures)


  • Understands and can work out complex errors from windows. mac or linux (preferably all)
  • Can compile code on any OS
  • Can program at least one language semi fluently (Bash is included if you can do it fluently using lots of other commands/languages like awk, sed, etc)
  • Has a good understanding how the internet works, including DNS, domain names, and servers
  • Can re-install their own machine *without help from somebody else*, ideally with multiple OS
  • Understands what drivers are, and how they work (vs just knowing that a driver makes things work)
  • Can do basic networking and connect multiple PCs together on a network (not using DHCP)
  • Stripping a computer apart and knowing what each part is and what it does, and can put it back together.
  • Is able to fix any PC program pretty much, true geeks can search, code, and fix most things 🙂


  • You can use a PC, and enjoy it
  • You have a web browser and spend copious amounts of time on facebook ,twitter, similar (come on, everyone does this!)
  • Look at lots of websites all day and chatting online
  • Doing Tutorial videos or howtos on really basic application usage for dummies (ie recommending “cool” apps, iPhone/Android howtos)
  • You can use Linux because your boyfriend (or anyone else) installed it for you (never opening a terminal)
  • Playing Games, Gamers are often NOT geeks because they only know the very basics so they can game.
  • Being able to upgrade memory, disk, video card – sorry guys this is usually plug and play these days, super easy – but ill give you points for it still because it does border on geekiness
  • You read comics, watch anime, or Sci-fi. These are things geeks sometimes do, but do not make you a geek.
  • Gadgets are geeky, but do not make you a geek (Geeks have gadgets often, but this does not make you one)
  • Web Design – vaguely geeky, but usually not really
  • Typography – you are just some weird ass person who gets off on fonts, not a geek!
  • Presenters, Models, Writers are rarely geeks, but on occasional get points for having a clue. Since your main job is NOT anything geeky, instead reporting on geeks, chances are you fail as a Geek.
Email me if you have any more 🙂