Hi Im Liz,


I’m into cycling, Linux, and know a thing or two about weight loss.

I currently work at Rimuhosting as a Linux Sysadmin, and in my spare time i’m often seen playing my Ukulele, doing a personal training course, or driving kids around (ok, i don’t have any spare time really!)

So, im a friendly person, im online all the time usually however not always *AT* my computer. Sometimes im away from the darned thing!

I have 4 amazingly awesome kids. The oldest James has left home when we moved from Auckland to Cambridge (or rather stayed behind to finish school and lives with his godfather). The next down is Chelsea who is ‘the brain’, she loves learning languages, maths, and pretty much anything. Elle-Mae is the next in line, she gets into cheerleeding and gymnastics (should i say, the expensive one?). Quantum is the last, and hes the hyper one who reminds most people of Hammy from ‘Over the Hedge’. He has ADD however, so caffiene is actually a pretty good medicine on a bad day for him. He loves the maths, and puzzles, and anything that involves him working things out.

Of course i should never neglect to mention im married to one of the most awesome guys out, Paul. hes fantastic, we are two geeks in an ipod. I would truly hate to ever have to go to marrige councilling and try to explain an argument we had over the breakdown of the TCP/IP stack or something … i can imagine the look on their face now …

I am fairly well known for a few different things in different groups.

My claim to fame!

* I lost around 80kg (170lb) to donate a kidney to my brother a few years back. I was on national prime time TV and in several magazines and run my own weight loss website. I have regained weight recently due to injury, laziness and others, which i am working on removing again.

I am well known for my Linux skills and IT knowledge, I have worked with linux for over 15 years now, and love every minute of it. I speak at conferences when i can, and often am found blogging things, or helping people out on the net. I am fairly well known on Google+ and have a huge Tech following over there, i think because there is better and more interaction https://plus.google.com/114228869493885222559/posts



Me and My sweetheartmememe