Spinning Plates Theory

So everyone has heard of the Spoons theory , its excellent and helps people understand/cope with illness either mental or physical.

I have come up with my own based on this, only this is one for those who overcommit to things – often do too much, and not based around being sick. Its for the healthy ones who just do far too much, parents, A type, etc

It goes like this. Everyone can spin plates on sticks – how many depends on you, and how long you’ve been practicing. I may be able to spin 5 plates most days, and im good with that, somebody else may be 2-3 and that’s all they can handle. This is fine also.
For me those 5 spinning plates encompasses feeding dogs, going gym, making meals, cleaning up the house, or whatever else i do .

Some days everything goes wrong, or i have a ton of extra chores or things that are expected of me. Maybe going shopping, picking up sheep feed, building a fence, going for a bike ride – these are added spinning plates.

I can do that, but since i’m new to spinning 6 or 7 plates, i can’t do that for long before shit crashes down on me and i drop all my plates in a smashing heap on the floor.

If i were to slowly add more spinning plates, i may be able to get up to 6 or 7 at a time, but when that is dumped on me, sometimes i need to hand off things to others before they all come down in a smashing heap.

So there it is, my spinning plates analogy for those who like to over commit themselves either accidentally or from others pushing stuff onto them.