Awesome things

My daughter came home today.

She told me that a couple of girls took her aside at the playground, and they asked her if Elle-Mae was her sister.

She said yes.

They then asked if her mum drove a pink car with the number plate GEEK.

She replied yes, fairly confused and wondering where they were going.

As she told me this i was thinking they had been bullying her sister (Elle-Mae) or were about to say something mean. I was wrong.

They then went on to say to her “Oh we’ve seen your mum, she looks REALLY young and pretty!”

My daughter then proudly told them how old i was (*cringe!* 36 in 2 weeks!), and that apparently surprised them even more.

What an awesome thing to have happen! for both the girls and me! 😀

ps. I like looking young now much better than when i was trying to purchase booze when i was a teenager!