update – 49kg/112lb lost horay!

Meep meep!

Time for my update again! Things are going great! ive lost 49kg/112lb (at a guess).

Have been back at work and therefore very busy!

Ive been doing more cycling lately and less weights.
Weights burn less calories, cycling more. Though i still go to the gym and maintain what I have.
Ive had to buy more clothes than ever before because they just dont fit. there is only so far you can wear REALLY baggy clothes for lol.
I have lots of friends in lots of sizes and we’re doing great clothes swaps which helps. As i grow out of clothes i give them to the larger friends and as i grow into sizes friends give me their old clothes from when they used to be smaller or bigger or whatever. And ive had to buy new underwear and a few other things.

I have 2 weddings to go to in the next couple weeks, currently my hair is pink and yellow, im guessing i should probably go natural … or blonde again (like the pic on my profile).

Not to sure what I’ll do yet anyway, ill see and post pics 🙂

Its been a while since i posted .. update

Okay well sorry its been a while
I actually started a proper website to get the basics into, its here at http://weight-loss.co.nz

Ive now lost 47kg/104lb and still going strong. Its been 6 1/2 months so im doing great!

Heres some before/during – this was at 44kg lost

The Book

Well I have this large flap of skin now left on my tummy – its huge.
Its gross and it hangs down like 10-15cm .

Its a bad side effect of weight loss and it will never disappear without surgery. Surgery will cost me about 10 grand. So ive decided to write a book on weight loss, both factual and my personal experience.

Once ive done that Ill sell it on Trademe repeatedly until i make enough money to cover the cost of the operation.
By the time I get to my goal weight I will be about 70-80kg lighter than i started. Thats a serious weight loss.

Anyway thats my idea – might take some time lol.