Gah cold!

So i Organized with RKD to loose weight together. Perhaps make a competetition out of it. So Xmas or New Years is the goal. By this time hopefully both of us will be a ton lighter (literally!). And perhaps a tad healthier.

So I went to bed lat night all rearing to go, got the bike all ready to ride, food etc. I woke up with a fucking cold. How rude is that! :O
So I guess Ill just have to go easy for the first few days :/

I was debating seeing if RKD wants to put some $ on the game so winner makes some money. We can invite other people and have a bunch of us. Maybe everyone can put in $100 ? just an idea anyway. Motivation is a great thing 😀


So my brother has kidney disease and his kidney failing.
Everyone in the family has argued over who is and isnt going to donate a kidney, i thought about it but figured being overweight i wasnt the best choice. Having 4 children depending on me didnt really help.

So Ive sat back and let everyone argue over it and fight and bitch and i think in the end result only my dad whom i dont talk to actually offered and got tested (he had to many arteries or something so wasnt able to donate).

So now that its down to either me or my little sister who lives in switzerland and got her own health problems. Anyway my brother came over the other day and said he wanted to talk to me. I kinda knew what it was about and wanted to talk to him anyway about it. He gave me a bunch of details and facts about it, most i knew already.
Anyway I told him how i felt about it, and the weight problem etc. He said that if that was a problem he would do anything he could to help me get my weight down so i could go through with it.

Long story short, I said I was happy to donate so long as my health was a lot better and i was slimmer. Today i rang up docters and nurses and more doctors and renal transplant co-ordinators etc. The blood letting has begun, next its the tissue typing.

If all that matches then its a go-er.

Heres hopeing 🙂