Linux/Tux Keyboard For Sale – Oxfam Fundraiser

As most people may (or may not) know. I’m doing the Oxfam 100km walk. We need to raise $2,500 to donate to Oxfam to take part, plus our entry fees.

Thanks to a lot of people we have $870 at this time, which is fantastic, but only 35% of the way there! Since I have a few cool toys I no longer need, I’ve decided to sell a few things here on my blog. I’m using my blog because other sites like trademe will a) take a cut of the proceeds and b) you can deposit the money right onto our Oxfam account and i post it to you, and I have a fairly high technical/Linux following who will be more inclined to want it.

So to start it off, Im selling this AS NEW Linux Keyboard. Its a standard decent keyboard with low profile keys. The standard Windows key is non-existant and has been replaced with a Tux Key. Other than that its fairly average.

I was given this by a visiting person from Zareason who make and sell these along with other Linux specific hardware. I opened it, tried it, then never actually used it. If i can find the mouse I will throw that in as well (though its just a normal mouse). You can view the keyboard specs and more pics here

So please place your best bid in the comments. You can make as many as you want and fight it out. Bidding stops when the nobody has bid for more than 2 days or when the trailwalker starts early April (in which case i hope like heck you pay!).

Oxfam 100km walk – I need your help please!


This isn’t spammy much at all, and if you sponsor me ill never show you spammy like things again 🙂

I’m doing the 100km walk for oxfam next year, i have 36 hours to complete it and there are 4 in my team. We all start together and finish together, and all do the 100km. We don’t plan on stopping or sleeping and at a guess should be able to finish it in about 24-30 hours if we only stop for breaks occasionally.

I’m happy to put in the hard work, and do all the walking, but the team need to raise $2500 just to be able to do it. Its all about the fund raising! This isn’t an entry fee , this is fund raising (the entry fee is on top of that!).

Funds raised from the event will support Oxfam New Zealand’s humanitarian, development and advocacy work to lift some of the world’s poorest people out of poverty.

If you can find a few $, or even a few hundy, i would most appreciate it (anything that saves me from standing on the corner begging!)

Liz Quilty