Insane dieting

I dont subscribe to insane crash diets at all, however, in saying that, i have been sticking to living on a really nasty high protien starvation diet thing in the last week or so, and will be for another couple of weeks.

Basicly eating only non-fat meat, and some vegetables & fruit, and in small portions. The reason is as follows.

My brother needs a Kidney. Im donating him one, this has been on and off for years now due to hospitals, but it seems they are finally over all the silly tests and are going ahead with it. Currently my BMI is ok for surgery however the more ‘normal’ my BMI and less fat i have the better it will go for everyone. So i really need to drop as much weight off – or up to 10kg – in the next month as I can.

I tell you its hard ass, ive had the off no-no item, but yeah its really not something you would want to do unless it was for saving your brothers life 😀

And my favourite news article today will be …..

“A would-be drug smuggler was so addled from her stash that she went to Christchurch Men’s Prison with a car full of drugs when she intended to go to the women’s prison.”