For those who want to cross the auckland harbour bridge sunday 24th

One day in May, 1959…
50 years ago the Auckland
Harbour Bridge was opened to
pedestrians for one day;
since then only motor vehicles
have been permitted.

The NZ Transport Agency refuses to let Aucklanders walk and
cycle over the Auckland Harbour Bridge. But their reasons just
don’t stack up (see over for the facts). After years of trying to
negotiate with them, it’s clear that they just want to build more
roads for more motor vehicles. So join community leaders and
Walk Auckland for a peaceful march over the Bridge.
Come along, rain or shine!
Bring your family and friends
for a fun time and take part
in a unique demonstration of
support for the walk/cycle way!

meet at Point Erin (south side of the Bridge) at 9am for a 9:30am march

Will it be safe?

Yes. We’ve asked the NZ Transport Agency and Police to help
make this a safe event by keeping the Western clip-on lanes
closed for the morning. (These lanes are currently closed each
night for major strengthening work on the Bridge.) We will not
force our way onto the Bridge. But we will be very clear that we
want to get across. We have chosen a day and time to avoid
interrupting the traffic.

What if they don’t let us across the bridge?

We hope to get across. But if we don’t, we’ll still be showing
the NZ Transport Agency and government that many Auck-
landers strongly support the walk and cycle way.
This demonstration of people power will help overturn

NZ Transport Agency’s longstanding opposition. And if we’re turned back, we can always try again next month! ck, we can always try again next month!

Once we’re across, how do we get back?

There are several options. We’ve asked for the western clip-on
lanes to be closed to traffic until 11:30am. This gives plenty of
time to walk the 2 km in each direction. Otherwise, walk to
Akoranga Busway Station to catch a bus, or bring your bike and
cycle back using the Devonport or Bayswater ferries. See for details of public transport options.
This demonstration of people power will help overturn
NZ Transport Agency’s longstanding opposition. And if
we’re turned back, we can always try again next month!

Can we afford it?

Yes. The Government’s just announced an extra $1 billion over
the next three years for the State Highway network, so the
money’s definitely available. In these tough economic times,
people need low-cost transport. Walking and cycling are the
cheapest (and most environmentally-friendly) options.

Why is this a priority for the region?

access will boost walking and cycling in the region. The
walk/cycleway will make Auckland’s harbour much more
accessible and enjoyable for all.

Could it be part of the National Cycleway?

Yes! The walk/cycleway will create many jobs while it’s being
built and will generate long-term tourism. It will make for a
spectacular day trip and encourage visitors to spend more time
in Auckland.
What would we call it?
The 10,000 who have already registered their support at strongly prefer naming the walkway and
cycleway in honour of Sir Edmund Hillary. This seems
appropriate: Sir Ed loved the Hauraki Gulf and encouraged
people to be physically active.
So why does the NZ Transport Agency oppose it?
The NZ Transport Agency are fundamentally road builders who
think they can solve transport problems with bigger roads.
They have a long history of giving motor vehicles priority over
walking and cycling. Their opposition to walking and cycling
access on the Bridge goes back many years and there is a
history of excuses and broken promises – see for details and how each excuse can be
addressed. Their latest excuse is that the walk/cycleway would
affect the clip-ons’ ability to carry heavy trucks in the future.
But their recent decision to ban trucks from the clip-ons means
this reason no longer stacks up.
What else can you do?
• Visit to learn more and get the
latest updates. Read about the NZ Transport Agency’s history
of broken promises and excuses for not allowing walking and
cycling over Bridge
• Donate! Contributions to help cover printing and advertising
costs are much appreciated. Please direct credit our ASB
bank a/c: 12-3057-0824362-01
• Pass it on to your friends and family, and invite them along –
we need as many people as possible
• Print or photocopy this flyer and put it around cafes, your
gym, your workplace… anywhere you think people may be
To offer help or for further information that’s
not online contact:
Please contact us!… e-mail or
phone 021 474 740

See you rain or shine at 9am Sunday 24 May!

Please excuse any weirdness in the text, its from copy/pasting between a PDF and my blog 🙂