Burger Fuel Spam

Just got an email from Burger Fuel …. Its kinda funny/witty and yet still so sad ..

Dear person who didn’t click delete,

We know you knew the minute you gave us your email address, it was only a matter of time before we spammed you? But, since you’ve made it this far, why not give us a chance to give you free stuff and make it up to you? Think of us as the girl in music video who just wants to love you if you give her a chance or the best “guy friend” in the movie that you were always meant to be with.

We usually send these emails to our VIBs (Very Important Burger connoisseurs) who get stuff that no one else does, so think of this as a sneak preview of what our beautiful relationship could be like. There’s usually no Taylor Swift references in our VIB emails, but the girls in the Marketing department won’t stop talking about it so we had to put it in, so I apologise for that.

We don’t want to be those annoying guys that send you endless amounts of crap that you never bother reading, so if you’re not interested in giving us a chance, then just click unsubscribe (at the top) from the mailing list (we won’t be offended). If you’re keen to stay, then just relax and enjoy the bribe.

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