Birthday – Halfway mark – great website!

Well Yesterday was my birthday and i turned 33. It was a great day, It must be the first birthday ive had no cake – but i wasnt overly fussed on it.
I had lemon merangue instead which was AWESOME!
I missed going to the gym because i got to busy but i more than made it up today with weights and also cycling to work.

Another noteworthy thing, I hit exactly halfway to my goal weight so ive lost 27.5kg and have 27.5kg to go! 😀

And my final say was I found this fantastic website with lots of exercises including silly animated gifs showing you how to do stuff 😀

The Story so far …

Well at this point in time im down to 118.5kgs/260lb round about.
My birthday is next week (7th September).
I think its only just starting to hit home how much weight ive lost.

4 of my friends have been inspired by my weight loss and are also on a quest of their own. The info on this site has been helpful so im told.

I talk daily on a weight loss forum
with like minded people who never say anything nasty.

Anyway everything is going great, one day i might even hope to see all the muscle that is now developed under the flab lol.

I have no fat rolls any more, its just smooth sculpted fat 😀

Stupid people at the gym

I posted this on originally but here it is for all to see 🙂


Okay since its friday night and im bored shitless im gonna have a rant. This rant is not directed at anyone here on the forums – please do not take it that way (just letting off steam)

WHY do people pay tons of money to go to the gym, they get up at 5am to go in early before work and then just sit there half heartedly doing exercise whilst reading. I mean HELLO! if you arnt breaking a sweat then chances are your eyes are doing more of a workout whilst reading than anything else!
Im a reader – an avid reader. I speed read and can easily read a 300 page book in an hour (20 minutes at my best). If i cant read I go insane so i know what its like to want to read a book and exercise. Ive tried it myself! but it is IMPOSSIBLE to do a PROPER workout and read a book.
And as for that fat chick i see every morning who reads and exercises, why on earth do you waste your time?! She turns the treadmill on and is barely even moving (I shit you not .. its not even a decent walking pace) and does that for 5 minutes before moving to a laying back exercycle for another 5 minutes, then the rowing machine for another 2 minutes maybe all the while sighing loudly and looking determinedly bored and trying to read her book.
I do wonder if she has noticed that whilst she looks the same, ive gone from being HEAPS bigger than her down to a smaller size than her.
And there is this skinny chick, sure she has an ok body – but she is SOOO not toned. everything is just flat, straight. Looks kinda like a popcicle stick. And yet she goes to the gym every morning and again does a half hearted useing the stepper (whilst reading), and then reclined exercycle (reading a book), then some other cardio stuff. Never thinking once that perhaps they might go down to the weights section and actually give their muscles a real workout – or even crank the level up off the lowest.

ok now i have that off my chest, im tired and grumpy and probably shouldnt be posting to forums right now lol.
I take back anything nasty i might have implied! and huges to all *hugs*