New workout

Well last night i went in for my 6 week review at 4 weeks. Im just bored with the workout im doing and its become waaaay to easy. Ive been upping the weights to make it a little harder.
Conclusion was that the lady showing me around ended up using lighter weights to example than i was using because i was apparently a shitload stronger than most females.
Shes had to put me on an advanced workout and said to let me know how it goes.

I guess that explains why im lifting heavier weights than some of the guys eh :/
I dont think its because of the working out so much as ive always been fairly strong without actually doing anything.

Anyway Ive decided to start next week on the new workout.

weight loss – I SEE RESULTS!

Well! its official! the stats are in!
According to fitday ive lost an average of 2.2kg per week for the last fortnight. I havnt been logging my weight for a month yet so if i do it over a month it goes down to 1.7kg per week – which is STILL far above my goal of 1.56 !
At this rate I should be down to 90kg in 17 weeks (long before xmas which was my goal!).

Im just so darned happy!!!! :D:D:D:D!!!

Iron & Anemic

Well I had been going great guns and fantasticly until i got my period on thursday. I was helping a friend move house on weds and felt a bit tired that night. Then Thursday i got my period lightly and later that night felt dizzy again. Comes friday i had my period much more heavily and i was feeling so dizzy after being at the gym i was worried about driving. At work i couldnt concentrate, boss sent me home because i was useless to him. After some googling and checking out my reports on Fitday I realized I was low on iron. It was fine up until i had my period and lost blood! DOH! So ive been popping multivitamins, eating steak washed down with orange juice (Vit C helps Iron absorbtion). All day friday saturday i felt like crap, was barely able to get out of bed. Today i woke up feeling HEAPS better. My period has eased/stopped and my iron levels are clearly up again. Im full of beans!
So I wont be makin that mistake again and will be keeping up with the multi vitamins!.

down to 130kg (Was approx 145kg a month ago)
I appear to have shed a few clothes sizes also and now everything is baggy. My face looks HEAPS different. I feel like a clown and my brother says im lookin more like MC Hammer every day (Baggy pants! Hammer time!)