Iron & Anemic

Well I had been going great guns and fantasticly until i got my period on thursday. I was helping a friend move house on weds and felt a bit tired that night. Then Thursday i got my period lightly and later that night felt dizzy again. Comes friday i had my period much more heavily and i was feeling so dizzy after being at the gym i was worried about driving. At work i couldnt concentrate, boss sent me home because i was useless to him. After some googling and checking out my reports on Fitday I realized I was low on iron. It was fine up until i had my period and lost blood! DOH! So ive been popping multivitamins, eating steak washed down with orange juice (Vit C helps Iron absorbtion). All day friday saturday i felt like crap, was barely able to get out of bed. Today i woke up feeling HEAPS better. My period has eased/stopped and my iron levels are clearly up again. Im full of beans!
So I wont be makin that mistake again and will be keeping up with the multi vitamins!.

down to 130kg (Was approx 145kg a month ago)
I appear to have shed a few clothes sizes also and now everything is baggy. My face looks HEAPS different. I feel like a clown and my brother says im lookin more like MC Hammer every day (Baggy pants! Hammer time!)