Stop the Flu Insanity

Whilst im all in favour of caution and having a few dry goods and water set aside for emergancies. I think this Swine Flu crap has gone on long enough.

Yes it might be made a Pandemic, that does NOT mean that people are going to die all over the show. A pandemic just means that its easy to catch, and its spreading. Thats all.

The death rate is really pretty crap as a % (under 4, and thats based on statistics of those not treated properly in mexico ). 36,000 people die in the US alone of the NORMAL flu. Just because somebody dies of a FLU , does not mean its the SWINE FLU. Try reading the WHO website for more information, its actually a lot better and more factual than most news websites.

Heres some REAL information about it.

New diseases are, by definition, poorly understood. Influenza viruses are notorious for their rapid mutation and unpredictable behaviour. THIS is the only thing you need to really be worried about. So far its all good, sit back, enjoy life, and try not to worry so much.

The reason people are in a panic is because this can come to you. Most of us avoid conflicts and confrontation, we sit in our happy little houses and go to work every day and live happy lives. Things like Wars etc dont affect us because its nowhere near us. There a are people dieing all around the world which are a little more worry some. Check out these stats.

Casualties in Afghanistan:

Afghan troops killed: 11,017 Afghan troops seriously injured: 33,051

Afghan civilians killed: 7,373 Afghan civilians seriously injured: 13,271

U.S. troops killed: 574 U.S. troops seriously injured: 1,722

Other coalition troops killed: 484 Other coalition troops seriously injured: 1,452

Contractors killed: 75 Contractors seriously injured: 2,428

Journalists killed: 6 Journalists seriously injured: unknown

Total killed in Afghanistan: 19,529 Total injured in Afghanistan: 51,924

Most people couldn’t care less about those stats however, because it doesnt affect them.

I was sick as a dog, get your flu shots!

Those that know me know ive been pretty darned sick the last 10 days.

Easter friday i got a headache in the morning which went downhill. I had a raging temp of over 40C for the better part of 10 days. Only thing that got it down was panadol & nurofen combined and even then it was only down to 38.5C.

So at 40C+ i had shakes and shivering uncontrolably, i had trouble getting the pills out of their packets without dropping them on the floor, and I almost smashed a couple of cups trying to fill them with water (water bottles work well here!)

For the most part I couldnt sleep at all so i took it where i could. Also though hungry occasionally i just didnt feel like food (yay go the diet!).

To top it off i had another infection which i reacted badley to the medication which drove me absolutely batty.

So im better, and now ive been over 24 hours without panadol and nurofen. I dont recall much about the last week and a bit, other than im better now, just really easily tired and catching up on eating and sleeping.

Thanks to Carol who came from Auckland and helped out, and my awesome husband. And special thanks go out to Pikiti Twitch, my awesome cat, whos unswerving affection and cuddles throughout made it bearable … well almost … except when she attacked my trackies at 3am in the morning and woke me up :/ ‘

So go out, pay the $30 or whatever it is to get yout flu shots. The kids didnt cop it as bad as me, but seriously you dont want this.