The Accident

Dear Diary and perverted watchers,

Crap day today … i survived but ended up at the hospital for several hours.
I finally got my husbands push bike off him and adjusted the brakes. I thought i would bike to the shops with miss 10yo and teach her road rules at the same time.
I showed her how to signal and to ride close to the curb. I explained you go around a parked car and signal. We start off fine. First parked car we get to i see her signal great and so i looked back to check for cars. No cars .. look back and my daughter has stopped right in front of me. I jammed on the brakes, which i had finely tuned only moments before and the bike stopped on a dime. The suspension bounced down and i promptly went over the handle bars.
I dont recall much except GREAT pain in the ribs as the handlebars gouged me and then rolling off the road. I recall seeing my daughter, telling her to get the bikes and herself to get off the road. And I recall seeing a red head lady about 100 mtrs down the road getting in her car and looking to see what the almighty roar was.
Next thing i recall was everything spinning and then stopping and i opened my eyes and the red head and some other lady asking me my address. I told her, then did a mental check that everything was intact, Stood up and walked back home with my daughter (after thanking everyone) and husband then took me to hosp.
Diagnosis was probable cracked ribs, Very badly bruised right side breast/rib area, Torn ligamints in right hand (im typing one handed with left atm), and mild concusion.
Apparently i hit my head thats why i passed out. I dont recall but the helmet has cracks so maybe thats true

Anyway i will be sore for a few days but not quitting anything. Ill use exercycle to stay fit and get it in, So long a breathing isnt an issue with the ribs.