R4 Road Race Update

A few months back as a bunch of us cyclists were talking about doing the R4 road race on Vorb. A couple of people mentioned that Plunket hadnt been paid for voleneering last year as marshalls. I queried this because I didnt know marshalls got paid (usually its just donated time of injured cyclists or partners or other groups). But apparently they do a great deed of asking groups like Plunket and pay them money. The actual marsalls get nothing, and the money goes to charity (this is a good thing yes?).

Anyway, I was a little concerned as the race had been at least 10 months beforehand, for them not to get the money immediatly and it was a charity kinda irked me a tad. Clearly I wasnt the only one as a few other cyclists made noises about a boycott.

I emailed the guys running the race to clarify on the friday morning. I had no reply until the monday late, and the reply was as such

“Someone, shame they can’t front there own name, has got the wrong end of the stick.
Plunket have been paid and hopefully are part of our event this year.”

I posted the response on the forum to which the reply was from several people, their Names and such and they were happy to voice themselves.

And then this gem …

“my name is Lorien I am happy to front with my name, though as i race under the name vecor vector I’m probably better known by that name.
When I posted my comment on Friday, Plunket had not received their payment, since then a cheque has arrived. I’m sure the organisers are aware of what is need for them to be involved again this year.”

So clearly saw the forum thread, crapped themselfs, and paid up. I kinda thought this was amusing, i guess the job got done in the end so no biggie. But now apparently the local newspaper has an article …


But in all seriousness, the race is an excellent race. My only gripe is that its really shitty coming into the Whakatane township over that bridge and round the round about fighting with cars the entire way!

(update: you can find the article online here http://www.whakatanebeacon.co.nz/cms/news/2009/04/art10004552.php )