Its the small things that matter

Okay so Ive lost almost 20kg now (guestimated because i couldnt weigh myself for the first couple of weeks i was doing this).
Now Im really noticing things, so i thought I would share a few things Ive noticed and appretiated about weight loss 🙂

  1. I can now hop into a full bath without overflowing it
  2. The towel fits ALL the way around me now with no big gaps!
  3. I can fit through stupidly small turnstiles at the gym and supermarket 😀
  4. I can fit into public toilets without having to have one asscheek up on the tampon/pad bin thing
  5. I can get INTO public toilets (those doors swing waaaay to close to the toilets).
  6. People can fit past me in the hallway, shopping isles, etc
  7. I have to pull my chair in at the table now before my stomach touches!
  8. I can fit on the couch seat without falling into the next persons ‘space’
  9. I look like one of those hip and trendy kids with my baggy clothes 😀
  10. My husband gives me more cuddles!
  11. When my husband cuddles me, we are face to face (instead of him bending over my monstrous stomach!)
  12. I can play with my kids for longer without getting tired (they love this!)

I will add more to this at a later date perhaps – its time for bed. I have to get up at 5.30am tomorrow morning for the gym :/

How to work out calorie content from Kilojoules

The difference between calories and kilojoules is that one calorie equals 4,2 kilojoules and vice versa. So, if you read on a food label that a portion of the food contains 100 calories, you can multiply that value with 4,2 to work out how many kilojoules the food contains:

Example: 100 calories x 4,2 = 420 kJ

Conversely, you can calculate that a portion of food that contains 420 kJ (metric system) will contain 420 divided by 4,2 = 100 calories The same applies when you want to work out how many calories or kilojoules a diet contains. Multiply calories by 4,2 to obtain kilojoules and divide kilojoules by 4,2 to obtain calories.

Although we use larger numbers when working with metric kilojoules this does NOT mean that kilojoules contain more energy, just that we are using a different system to express energy content.

New workout

Well last night i went in for my 6 week review at 4 weeks. Im just bored with the workout im doing and its become waaaay to easy. Ive been upping the weights to make it a little harder.
Conclusion was that the lady showing me around ended up using lighter weights to example than i was using because i was apparently a shitload stronger than most females.
Shes had to put me on an advanced workout and said to let me know how it goes.

I guess that explains why im lifting heavier weights than some of the guys eh :/
I dont think its because of the working out so much as ive always been fairly strong without actually doing anything.

Anyway Ive decided to start next week on the new workout.