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CHICKENS! (not tech related)

Tweet So recently i have decided i wanted a couple chickens, so i could ┬áhave eggs. I wanted to do the whole hog, so got a cheap incubator and bought some fertile eggs. Incubator was not getting up to temp, so i pulled it apart, and fixed it, and put the eggs in. Turns out […]

Dear Media Outlets, DailyMail ,and other “News” sites.

Tweet Dear Media Outlets, DailyMail ,and other “News” sites. I imagine your life my be somewhat boring, some of the news reported is barely news at all. I am just wondering though, would it not be better to let go the extra reporters than to keep reporting on the inane drivel you spout? If I […]

Trying to start a female robotics team, and upgrade the guys parts

Tweet Recently I have been helping out my sons Robotics team at the local high school, and its been great fun. They use a product called Vex, mostly because other schools do, and it means we are able to enter competitions and compete against other schools. Having a goal in mind for creating a robot […]