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How to take a backup/export your kobo ebooks

Tweet I had an issue with my ebook reader – kobo, just wanted to test my ebook on another ebook reader – should be fine right? Turns out the books i bought and paid for on kobo don’t allow me to do that.   A quick google tells me there is a plugin called obok […]

Automating the chicken Coop

Tweet I’m not overly keen on cage eggs, so i got a few chooks for around home. Legally we are allowed 5 hens (no roosters) since we live in town. Not wanting to annoy neighbours i went for snuggly quiet little silkies which are the poodle of the chicken world . Since I am not […]

Shell script to email when web page has updates/changed

Tweet Some shipping companies don’t have any sort of notification system for when updates happen to packages. For small things, this is probably not a major issue, but when i ordered my huge Patio roof, i needed to be at home when it was being delivered to help unload. Unfortunately the website did not have […]