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Ukulele Festivals in New Zealand

Tweet Frustration at some of the Ukulele Festivals has got to boiling point with me a little. Having been playing for a couple years now, I have been to a few of them. Unfortunately i have found them to be deathly boring, and they have pretty much turned my kids away from ever touching a […]

Sexism, TechWebCast and Brad Chasenore

Tweet Anyone who knows me, knows that i’m most definitely not a hugely vocal feminist , i’m usually the first person to say some feminists go over the top. However, when i see it blatantly, i usually will call it, and not tolerate it. One thing that does make my blood boil, is people who cross over female pornography or […]

This is what a failed live chat looks like – #pmchat Prime Minister John Key

Tweet had a live chat with PM John Key today – I initially just watched but then thought of a few Questions I wanted to ask. Nothing particularly volatile, more opinion and just asking if he had plans for stuff (ie i was not trolling or being a dick). I was somewhat disappointed my […]