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Are you underestimating the time it takes ?

Tweet Often I see people who hire out for exorbitant fees when they only do a few hours. I see people gripe about this often enough, though i generally try to think about it before i do, but i just wanted to point a few things out. Example: A photographer, comes in to take wedding […]

Really annoyed at a ‘friend’ right now .. need to vent

Tweet After moving to Cambridge just over a year ago, ive not made a huge amount of friends. One of the friends i made was a cat breeder whom i bought some books off on trademe. I bought an ex breeding cat who had not been the best of breeders, i paid a decent amount […]

Have a Merry fucken Xmas

Tweet This xmas i planned, i wasnt gonna be caught out, i had my budget setup so i had PLENTY of money spare to cover xmas. I was frugal with funds and only spent $50 on each kid (i have 4) and an extra $50 on the oldest whos birthday falls on Xmas day. Plans […]