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Fat Cyclists – Bike Fit and Getting into cycling for the overweight

Tweet I have seen a lot of websites giving advice to cyclists, from bike fit, to technique, however none seems to apply specifically to people who are obese. Being obese brings its own problems, from bike fit, comfort, to even just being able to get started and help your partner getting into cycling. I have […]

My Christmas Story

Tweet I was reading an article at which reminded me of an incident in my life that made me appreciate peoples generosity. Many moons ago, i was young and stupid. I had my first child at 18, i married an unemployed bum at 20 and had another 3 children. We lived in a poor area, with a […]

Inspiration and weight loss

Tweet A lot of people say im inspirational because i lost a lot of weight, to me it was just something i did, like going to the dairy to get bread. I did it for me, not for anyone else, i dont see the big deal as much as others. If you want some inspiration, […]