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Oxfam 100km walk – I need your help please!

Tweet Heya This isn’t spammy much at all, and if you sponsor me ill never show you spammy like things again 🙂 I’m doing the 100km walk for oxfam next year, i have 36 hours to complete it and there are 4 in my team. We all start together and finish together, and all do […]

Romance is not dead after all!

Tweet I believe this will go viral, i love the free thinkers in this world. Nothing wrong with copying people however either, but this had tears in my eyes! (And im totally not a soppy girl)

Amazing Cakes and Icing – great inspiration

Tweet Just the other day i saw this fantastic Pirate cake a friend made Then today i got emailed the following photos, apparently from a russian cake contest (though this was email so who knows!)