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Wood business card holder

Tweet I had some scraps of Mahogany leftover from making my Ukulele, they were nice and thin and just dying to be used for something awesome. I also had some 4mm marine ply from another project, so decided i needed to make something to hold business cards. First I put a card on the wood, […]

TWiT.TV – Floss Weekly

Tweet Hi, I’m Liz Quilty, you may remember me from such places as and Rimuhosting.   If you came here because you saw me on the recent FLOSS weekly , great to see you! generally i interact over on Google+ mostly, and sometimes twitter.

My Christmas Story

Tweet I was reading an article at which reminded me of an incident in my life that made me appreciate peoples generosity. Many moons ago, i was young and stupid. I had my first child at 18, i married an unemployed bum at 20 and had another 3 children. We lived in a poor area, with a […]