My thoughts and opinions on NZ Censorship

Before i rant here, this is my personal thoughts on censorship. Perhaps im an idealist, but im sick to death of criminals getting away with shit.

To me, censorship means we filter out child porn, and other illegal garbage that no decent person would ever want to watch. It’s my belief that the IT industry in NZ is too small for them to get away with massive blanket filtering like china. New Zealand is too small, and the govt will bow to any major pressure by its users because we do tend to band together.
This is clearly demonstrated with Section 92a being stopped in its tracks.

However, the current censorship plans which has everyone up in arms, only stops paedophiles getting their perverted kicks out of naked children. It has nothing to do with anyones humans rights at this stage. Would it not be a better idea to sit back and see how it goes before getting up in arms and starting protests right away?

The world has become to PC for me now, where paedophiles can get away with it because somebody is too worried about their personal human rights. Does anyone think about the rights of those being violated? then having their photo posted on forums for other disgusting humans ?

Rather than just voting our the Censorship, perhaps try offering a better solution? Im not totally adverse to castrating those found guilty of these sick crimes.

Breville Frypan Fail

I have a decent sized family of 5-6 (dependant on if teenage son is living with us), So im always needing a larger than usual frypan or pot. A couple of years ago i stumbled on this product from Breville

I brought it home, carefully read the ‘care’ instructions and began to use it. Let me tell you, this is one of the most fantastic frypans ever. It can sear a steak to perfection every single time perfectly.

It never sticks, i can fry eggs with no oil or anything and they NEVER stick. Because it cost me $160 i always made sure nobody used it but me, and i hand washed it carefully and soaked any dried on stuff off.

Because this was such an awesome electric frypan and can literally cook 2 roast chickens easily in it, i gave up using other frypans, and sometimes used it instead of the oven. So i was using it about 3-4 times a week.

After 6 months i noticed the non-stick started to wear off, but thought perhaps that I’d been not as careful as i thought. At 9 months bubbles came through the bottom and the non-stick started peeling off. I took it back to Noel Leemings where i bought it from and they replaced it.

The second Frypan was the same brilliant as the first … well for the first 6 months again. Then again things started to stick, and then eventually about the 9month mark bubbles and peeling appeared. This time shop wouldnt cover it because the original warrenty was 12 months which was out. I debated buying another brand, something cheaper considering the time it lasted, but i really did like the amazing non-stick of the pan and the excellent fast/hot heats i got. So i got yet another. Same thing happened of course.

So Having just bought yet another one this week (probably my last), I send in an enquirey to Breville via their website. I explained how I was a big fan of their products, heck I have a fair few. I wrote a nice polite longish well thought out email explaining the problems I had been having.

I dont know what I was expecting, perhaps something  at least acknowledging that they should have been a little better quality and $10 vouchers wouldnt have gone amiss, but the polite generic canned response was a bit of a knock on the nose.

Dear Liz,

Thank you for your email regarding your Breville Products. We value your comments and they have been passed on to our Research and Development Team and we appreciate you taking the time in writing to us.

Your comments are most unusual and we are concerned to learn of your experience. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience that you experienced. Our Units are upgraded regularly so that we can improve are standards on all levels.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Yours sincerely

Tina Atkins

Needless to say, I think next time Ill just stick with a cheaper brand, I can afford easily 3 cheap brands for the same price as the Breville one, and KNOW they will last longer than the 9 months i get out of the more expensive ones.

Price of groceries has gone up … apparently – scam!

So im reading the news today and i see this article

Now i’ve heard a lot about this ‘groceries bill going up’ shit for some time, and i have yet to see it. How the hell can that lady spend so friggen much a week on groceries? are they living on bloody caviar?

I have fed my family of 6 on about $150 per week for many many years, this includes with 2 teenagers and 2 adults. We have plenty of fruit and vegetables and meat. What we DONT have is plenty of junk food, stupid fizzy drinks (other than thrifty we use in the soda stream machine) etc.

We dont eat that far different a diet. Even on a really bad week i will only ever spend maybe $250, and thats with a bunch of extra garbage as in for a birthday party or something.

Now my oldest son has left home (hes 17), our bill has stayed the same, however often leftovers from dinner are used for lunch at work for both myself and husband.

So what in gods name is this lady spending her money on?