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Urgent Help needed for a Kidney Patient!

Tweet Having just donated a kidney, and being fairly aware of how hard the entire process is to get to the actual surgery date. when i read this in the paper today i really felt for the guy. Hes given up years of his life with family whom he hasn’t seen in years because Tonga […]

Update on the kidney donation (3 weeks)

Tweet Well the tummy swelling is down heaps and im back to normal in that respect, though im still bothered by pain under the left ribs, and im unable to lie on my back or left side for any kind of period. Its just uncomfortable. I went to see my Dr about this, and being […]

I’m Donating a Kidney to my brother

Tweet Those that know me, know that for the last couple of years ive been trying to donate a kidney to my older brother. Hes been on dialysis for around 5 years now. I lost 80kg to be able to do this, and have gone through rigourous testing. I’ve had to battle a retarded genetics […]