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Bikes vs Cars – Road Rules

Tweet There has been much debate in the media and on forums everywhere regarding the whole bikes vs cars thing. Whilst most cyclists are well behaved, and most cars are well behaved, i think there are a select few making things bad for everyone by behaving like a child. So I would just like to […]

Keeping your children amused during school holidays – geek style

Tweet Oh no! its that time again! I really dislike having to change my whole routine for school holidays, i have to pay a babysitter, or work from home (my employer is fantastic like that!), and generally try and keep the kids from going nuts with boredom.  During the summer its fine because they can […]

If you dont hear much from me this will be why

Tweet They say children cost a lot of money, about $250,000 each or some such, but what they dont talk about is the time! One of my daughters recently did a Bugsy Malone stage show at school,  I encourage them to join in things like this as its great for personal growth and self esteem, […]