Ack i gained 5kg

So I knew I’d been eating more recently, in fact I had already started to knock it on the head. To be fair I was not supposed to be doing too much exercise either because of the kidney donation op.
So I decided to bite the bullet this morning and jump on the scales …. Bad idea Liz! 5kg gain in 6 weeks!

Soo not cool, wasn’t it just last week I was on tv for weight loss? Now I have womans weekly doing an article and photos and here I am larding it up again!

So today I’m officially back on the wagon, I’m doing a lot more low impact stuff to get things going again. No more baking or lollies, bring on the salads, protien bars, and 5am mornings! Who’s with me?

Shit like this makes my blood boil – BMI accuracy

Having been overweight for sometime, then managing to loose 80kgs, seeing this crap in the media really makes me angry

Pretty much what it sums up to is ‘all you fatties arnt actually fat its just the BMI measurement to blame’ .  I hate to break it to you, but the BMI is actually fairly accurate for anyone whos not an uber athlete! And just because somebody is super fit, doesnt mean they dont also carry fat!

Media like this just allows people who are ovweight to justify being so and/or staying so and continue to kid themselves into thinking that everything is fine and dandy, and honestly its really not their fault they are fat!

I’ve heard all the excuses, in fact i reckon i invented a good portion of them! My point being that media or blogs saying that BMI is completely wrong based on something silly like that,  is incredibly irrisponsible (and retarded )

Anyway, rant over, thanks for getting this far!