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Kidney donation – a summary

Tweet ok bit more of an update. went into hospital tuesday, surgery weds morning. I was up and walking thursday, and home friday (to the hotel). I have pain still, in the upper stomach area where they cut. I would have thought they would cut down lower but i have a 3″ cut from bottom […]

A whole Chicken in a Can

Tweet Apparently you can buy chicken in a can … a whole chicken… seriously disressing! This lady went to the trouble of actually buying it, cooking it, and even eating some!! (Thanks to Tracy for the images. She wants the world to know she did not feed this crap to her kids!) . http://foodnetworkhumor.com/2009/04/a-whole-chicken-in-a-can-yummo/

Breville Frypan Fail

Tweet I have a decent sized family of 5-6 (dependant on if teenage son is living with us), So im always needing a larger than usual frypan or pot. A couple of years ago i stumbled on this product from Breville http://breville.com.au/products_detail.asp?prod=279 I brought it home, carefully read the ‘care’ instructions and began to use […]