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Weekend away Camping

Tweet Thought I’d do a diary style post (its been a while!). I’ve been into cycling for a while now, a good few years, and one of my favourite races is the bikethelake which is a nice 42km loop of the Rotorua Lake, or 2 Laps for the main event. Since i had surgery i’ve […]

Why are front row concert seats so expensive? R18

Tweet Why are front row concert seats so expensive? Because …… Its worth it! Taken from http://www.ourlighterside.com/stuff/front-row-seats/

Lady with a mo – TV Gold!

Tweet OMG this is fantastic! and everyone is up in arms. There is no medical condition other than perhaps paraplegic who has no helper that stops you shaving. Basic hygiene for a female is to remove body hair often, legs, armpits etc. No its not NECESSARY, but if you dont do it then yes people […]