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Christchurch Links for Information #eqnz

Tweet There are a lot of resources available, just trying to tie them all together so we can use the resources we have rather than spreading them between multiple webpages etc. Let me know any more I may have missed. I am constantly updating this. People Person Finder : http://christchurch-2011.person-finder.appspot.com/ MESSAGES FOR THE #EQNZ MISSING: If […]

Okay, I admit, I believe in the Karma Fairy. I helped an Old Lady out today …

Tweet About 9 months ago My family and I moved from one of the largest cities in New Zealand, Auckland, to one of the smaller towns,  Cambridge.  Its been interesting to say the least getting used to being more relaxed, only takes 2 minutes to get to anywhere, takeaways now consist of about 5 options […]

Urgent Help needed for a Kidney Patient!

Tweet Having just donated a kidney, and being fairly aware of how hard the entire process is to get to the actual surgery date. when i read this in the paper today i really felt for the guy. Hes given up years of his life with family whom he hasn’t seen in years because Tonga […]