Christchurch Links for Information #eqnz

There are a lot of resources available, just trying to tie them all together so we can use the resources we have rather than spreading them between multiple webpages etc. Let me know any more I may have missed. I am constantly updating this.


Person Finder :

MESSAGES FOR THE #EQNZ MISSING: If you’re missing someone, email with details we will publish

NZ Earthquake: The hotline number for people overseas calling about loved ones is +64 7 850 2199
Register a lost or found pet with SPCA Canterbury here:
If you have lost or found a pet in the Please don’t forget to post an ad (free) here

Beds – Links to several resources for offering and receiving – find and offer beds

Are you in Wellington and have spare beds for stranded passengers? Wellington Airport wants to hear from you


Lyttelton, Redcliffs, South New Brighton,Shirley,Wainoni and Phillipstown schools will be used as water distribution centres

Water Tankers are going to be arriving 11am-ish (23rd) around ChCh. IMPORTANT you must bring your own clean containers! Be patient

Drs & Nurses 0274316986 Volunteer for medical assistance via @NZTopModelColin

Port-a-loos being installed at schools.

Pak’n’Save and Countdown in Hornby will open at 10:30am.
Pak N Save Northlands open
Bakers Delight in Bush Inn (Christchurch) is giving away free bread for anyone in need apparently (not sure how long that will last)

helpline set up for the blind, deafblind and partially sighted, call the RNZFB Helpline on 0800 24 33 33

Anyone who knows someone with autism or aspergers, there is accom avail. Contact Alison Molloy or Jon Boyer at Autism NZ 04 470 7616

Foodstuffs list of open supermarkets

Damage reports can go via SMS to 5627 – any network, free TXT.
Naked Bus are offering 50% off for all fares travelling to or from Christchurch. Use the promo code “220111”

Fisher & Paykel have set up laundering facilities to help.
Located in the following places:
National Marae, 250 Pagers Road, Aranui. Corner Berswick… & Charles Street (situated in a Portacom), Kaiapoi. Fisher & Paykel site, 79 Shands Rd, Hornby


Christchurch families, call Plunketline 24/7 if you’re worried about your child’s health or wellbeing 0800 933 922
@Giapo is gathering goods to be sent to ChCh. Tinned goods, clothing & other necessities will be appreciated. Please donate #eqnz

ZMTHunderWLG We want to help CHCH however we can. If you need a ride to/from the airport, food collection for foodbank etc TXT or call 0274583656
If can’t get through on Lifeline number try 0800 111 757 – number for but counsellors happy to talk and listen

Servers/VPS for IT or hosting companies

Know of stuff in Christchurch that needs fixing? tell The Student Volunteer Army. free txt 5627 with address & brief details


RedCross Donation:
RedCross say they do not need people or items at this time.

´╗┐Emergency Helpline 0800 77 9997 – For missing people call Red Cross 0800 733 276

SALVATIONARMY.ORG.NZ 0800 53 00 00 or donate directly to this Westpac Account 03 0207 0617331 00

ASB has opened an account to receive donations: 12-3205-0146808-00 or txt FOOD to 4662 for $3 to help the pets – Donation

On Vodafone? Txt Quake to 333 to make a $3 donation. 100% of yr $3 goes to the Red Cross EQ appeal
Sugar Free is donating kids clothing to Christchurch earthquake victims. If you would like to donate any kids clothing drop it off at the shop before Thursday afternoon. 216 Jervois Rd, Herne Bay, Auckland.


$400 from anywhere in the world for kiwis to come home to family. Air New Zealand

$50 anywhere in NZ to or from ChCh via Air New Zealand

If you have a working laptop you can donate, send it to New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, well packed with the hardware and software specifications listed on outside of box to: John Ferguson, Sector Manager – Digital Content & Technology, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Level 11, 23-27 Albert St, Auckland. We will find a business that can use it. Please be generous.

The University has created a “Volunteer Army”, which is rallying students together to help out

People in wellington, there’s a truck going down with supplies to christchurch if you want to donate:


Change your voicemail to say you’re are okay if your phone battery is running out !
Do not need to boil water for 3 minutes, once its at boiling its fine to drink , any more is just wasting gas.

More Information – Damage reports

Please add any other links in comments so i can add to them. Also any offers of help are welcome in any form.

Whilst im sure we appreciate those behind a lot of the websites, I would like to ask others to please NOT try and re-invent their own versions. it dilutes the data over to many websites and makes it hard to keep track. The is maintained by a large group verifying the data and would love your help.

Okay, I admit, I believe in the Karma Fairy. I helped an Old Lady out today …

About 9 months ago My family and I moved from one of the largest cities in New Zealand, Auckland, to one of the smaller towns, Cambridge. Its been interesting to say the least getting used to being more relaxed, only takes 2 minutes to get to anywhere, takeaways now consist of about 5 options rather than 1000 (this is a good thing, my diet is MUCH better!). Everyone is totally more friendly and helpful. If somebody tripped and fell on the sidewalk, everyone would be there in and instant helping them up.

One of the coolest and fun things I like, is if you are walking through town, and even remotely look like you are going to cross a zebra crossing, cars will stop and wait for you to get to the crossing, and cross! It makes you tend to hurry up since they are so darned nice!

When i was in hospital and my husband was at home with the kids, he had people turning up with dinner and other things to help out, it was really awesome.

This town is friendly, and i guess I’m really getting into the ‘being a helpful friendly person’ thing that you just cant do in Auckland without people taking advantage of you. I love the feeling when you do a good deed.

I was finally back in Cambridge, and going into work to surprise my husband. I visited Maya (i think thats how you spell it!) at the shop downstairs and got her to send up some munchies upstairs to the office, and was just about to go up the lift (hey i was fresh outta hospital!). Anyway This old lady in the shop grabs my arm and asks if we could possibly help her carry her bags so she doesnt have to make two trips.

Im all for helping out, and I figured Maya would be another 10 minutes preparing the food. I wasnt allowed to lift heavy items so i got my 2 lovely daughters to do it for me. We carried them maybe 100 mtrs down the road.

So the next week i she asked me again, and because again, still not allowed to lift heavy things I had to say no, I felt kinda bad, but didn’t have much choice. So I was thinking about it , I had a talk to Maya, and this lady apparently does this every single day. Goes and sits at the cafe and leasurely eats morning tea and lunch then tries to get people to carry her shopping for her.

So I went down to the Second hand shop, and asked if they had a Shopping Trolly Bag. One of those ones with the wheels that you drag behind you. The lady said “no, but i have one at home i can bring in you can buy for $5!”. So today i went in and picked it up.

As I got to the Cafe, i noticed the old lady sitting there having her cuppa, bonus! I didnt have to wait! So i gave it to her …… She looks as me as if i did something nasty. Eeeek! “I dont accept gifts from strangers!” she says. Eventually I got her to remember me from helping her out other times and when I’d seen her a couple of other times.

Then she looked like she was going to cry that somebody had been so thoughtful. And then she got talking ……..and talking ….

Started with a “Oh are you from Cambridge? oh the new area, houses are very close together there …… oh you rent … you need to buy one …. im selling my house …..” So by the time i left, my lunch was cold, and she had tried to pay me off with food (from the cafe of course), buy my daughters things (we refused), sell me her house, and had a moan about how the toilets in the building were not free for public use etc.

Though you might be thinking im a nice kind person, I’m not. I just figured that the $5 i paid for the silly trolley bag may just stop her having to ask people for help and give some independance (apparently people were getting annoyed with her asking every single day also lol)

+5 Karma Points

Urgent Help needed for a Kidney Patient!

Having just donated a kidney, and being fairly aware of how hard the entire process is to get to the actual surgery date. when i read this in the paper today i really felt for the guy.

Hes given up years of his life with family whom he hasn’t seen in years because Tonga doesnt have the facilities to deal with it. The family pays over $2000 a week for just medication and dialysis and now has none left over for the kidney transplant which is booked for June!

Heres the herald article from


A Tongan overstayer counting the days until a life-changing operation in New Zealand is looking unlikely to meet the $110,000 fee needed to make it happen.

Sosefo Lakalaka has been here for the past three years paying for dialysis treatment – both his kidneys are failing and Tonga does not have any facilities to treat his condition.

After years of paying for his medical needs, his family have nothing left over for a transplant operation scheduled for June 20 in Auckland.

But since late last month Mr Lakalaka’s supporters have been fundraising to make sure the operation goes ahead.

A radiothon in Tonga has raised 30,000 pa’anga ($20,256) and an earlier Herald appeal raised $9774.14.

Family advocate Ulualo Pouhila said that although the family were still hoping New Zealanders would continue to donate, they were also trying to apply for a bank loan to make up the difference.

“The money that has come through has been amazing. But their only hope is the loan, it’s a big struggle for them.”

Mr Lakalaka has not seen his wife or five children since he has been in the country, but a brother has moved here to help financially support his sick sibling.

Mr Pouhila said the extended family were exhausted by continual fundraising efforts over the three years which had gone towards paying for dialysis, which had cost up to $2559 a week.

If the operation costs were not met in time, Mr Lakalaka would continue to visit the dialysis clinic twice weekly, but it was an option which served nobody’s interests, Mr Pouhila said.

“It’s a hell of a job.

“This is an opportunity to send him home.”

Donations to assist can be made through the ANZ bank account:
Sosefo Lakalaka and Family
01 0186 0379433 00

Please Forward this link to all your friends