How to get out of Jury Duty (funny)

There are probably better ways to avoid jury duty than the approach recently taken by a Montana man.

After Erik Slye, 36, received a jury notice earlier this year, he filed a notarized affidavit seeking to be excused from serving on a District Court panel in Gallatin County.   Slye’s caustic affidavit, which he prepared with help from his wife Jennifer, can be found below.

The document, of course, did not sit well with court officials and led a judge to threaten to jail Slye. But after being summoned to court, Slye apologized for the affidavit and avoided being cited on a criminal failure to appear rap. And he also was excused from serving on a jury.


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Why condoms don’t offer real protection from STDs (Funny – NSFW)

Heres the gist …

So what I’m going to show now in an experiment, is this. Right here I have a glass. [Holding up pint  glass.] This glass represents a vagina. What I have this here [holding up sieve], this is a condom.

Because a condom is kind of like a filter. And really small things can get through there, like   viruses, right?

And this here is some cream [holds up box of milk or cream] that’s past its sell-by date, so there’s  a lot of lumps in it, and there’s also some liquid cream, right? So the lumps will represent the   sperm cells and the cream will represent the AIDS virus. So the drops of cream because they are    smaller–right now we’re gonna go, this is the penis, right?

So now we’re going to simulate an ejaculation. So the vagina’s right here, here’s the condom   [holding sieve above glass], just open this and here comes the ejaculation, right? [Pouring cream  through sieve].
There is some sperm left in the condom, as you can see, but look here: The VAGINA IS FULL OF AIDS.

OK? This [gesturing at milk in glass] is all AIDS. There is still some AIDS left in the condom, but  not a lot. But most of it is in the vagina. It’s a VAGINA FULL OF AIDS.


Emos would rather die than dress differently

According to ,  These EMO kids who admit they dress and look different, would rather keep on dressing and looking different and die doing so, than change!

Now whilst i agree that nobody should really be judged or hated or killed etc just for being different, if i had a haircut, and somebody didnt like it and was going to kill me over it, i would just change …. its not rocket science, seriously!

Clearly EMO kids have fewer brain cells if they cant see this …