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How to get out of Jury Duty (funny)

Tweet There are probably better ways to avoid jury duty than the approach recently taken by a Montana man. After Erik Slye, 36, received a jury notice earlier this year, he filed a notarized affidavit seeking to be excused from serving on a District Court panel in Gallatin County.   Slye’s caustic affidavit, which he prepared […]

Why condoms don’t offer real protection from STDs (Funny – NSFW)

Tweet Heres the gist … So what I’m going to show now in an experiment, is this. Right here I have a glass. [Holding up pint  glass.] This glass represents a vagina. What I have this here [holding up sieve], this is a condom. Because a condom is kind of like a filter. And really […]

Emos would rather die than dress differently

Tweet According to http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/2300230/Terrorised-for-being-different ,  These EMO kids who admit they dress and look different, would rather keep on dressing and looking different and die doing so, than change! Now whilst i agree that nobody should really be judged or hated or killed etc just for being different, if i had a haircut, and somebody […]