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Removing calendar off ipod touch and iPhone hack

Tweet It seems a well documented problem that if you sync your iPod Touch or iPhone with your machine. then decide to change to a different calendar, it can be really hard to get rid of the older calendar, especially if like me, you sync with google apps then decide to go with the exchange […]

iPhone worm for Jail Broken Phones hacks, cracks, worms, and stupidity

Tweet Sick to death of this garbage going around needlessly scaring everyone who has ever jail broken their iPhone or iPod Touch. First of all, a straight Jail broken iPhone or iPod touch is not venerable. Nor is a normal iPhone or iPod Touch. The only phone thats vunerable is one that you have installed […]

Removing iPhone or iPod Touch Calendar that wont disappear

Tweet I had a problem with my iPhone, i had previously added my google calendars to sync with iCal on the mac so they synced with my iPhone. THis was great except i couldn’t add things to them from the iPhone. When Google allowed exchange access i just set that up and used it, problem […]