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How to get an iPod Nano 6th Gen working in Linux

Tweet Technically this iPod is not supported, and i did a ton of hunting aound on google before i found the following post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1611473&page=4 The fix is simple, just download the zip file, and run the installer which copies the libraries over. I have libhashab_mod_14-04-13.tar.gz mirrored so you don’t need a login on the ubuntu […]

My iPod Touch/iPhone OS 3.0 Review

Tweet Well, I can’t say i own an iPhone, much as I would want to (now they finally have 32GB!), however I was also eagerly waiting OS 3.0 with everyone else. I own an iPod Touch 32GB (2nd Gen). It took some time to move me off the older 60GB classic, the iPod Touch just […]

Ipod Touch controlled car via 3G

Tweet This must be my next project i think! Though i dont think i would use 3G, just straight wifi on both items. 3G is a tad slow and also pricey. His is fail if he has no WIFI available (unless of course he does like me and sets up his phone to be an […]