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Uncomfortable plot summaries – funny but probably NSFW

Tweet Found here http://www.postmodernbarney.com/2009/04/uncomfortable-plot-summaries/ (this is really a cool blog and worthy of reading) 25TH HOUR: White New Yorkers commit crimes against both law and ethics; feel bad for being caught, rather than for doing it at all. 300: Gays kill blacks. 8 MILE: White man successfully coopts black culture to impress other whites. A […]

Car gadets, GPS, MP3, Movies, etc

Tweet So ive been working on a neat little project lately. I decided i wanted a GPS in the car (no NEED for one, just a want) plus in car entertainment. Currently Ive always used an ipod in dock which charges the ipod and fm transmits the sound to the stereo. So i grabbed my […]