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Fiji Trip – Day 3

Tweet Woke at 5am again, decided that waking at 5am sucked on holiday so went back to sleep (took a while but i managed it!). Got up again at 9am and made some pancakes for breakfast. There was no maple at the shops so we only had fruit on them. By this time hubby had […]

Fiji holiday – day two

Tweet We were so tired last night we went to bed at some ungodley early hour. I think it was barely dark so around 7pm. Then we woke at about 5:15am with upstairs moving chairs. We dozed in bed for another 30 mins reading and playing with phones then i got up, made a cup […]

Overseas to Fiji for the first time!!!

Tweet A year ago i won tickets for 2, to Fiji for a week from Mr Vintage. I was totally stoked since I had never been overseas before (and im 36!). Heck, I’d only ever been in a plane a couple of times. Because I had my kids young i was never quiet out of […]