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Inspiration and weight loss

Tweet A lot of people say im inspirational because i lost a lot of weight, to me it was just something i did, like going to the dairy to get bread. I did it for me, not for anyone else, i dont see the big deal as much as others. If you want some inspiration, […]

Ack i gained 5kg

Tweet So I knew I’d been eating more recently, in fact I had already started to knock it on the head. To be fair I was not supposed to be doing too much exercise either because of the kidney donation op. So I decided to bite the bullet this morning and jump on the scales […]

Weight Loss Website

Tweet Recently, i was on Sunrise TV and Cambell Live for weight loss. If you got here because you were looking for my weight loss information, what you really need is my weight loss site here http://www.weight-loss.co.nz Liz Quilty