All done

Okay im pretty much done with the weight loss thing. Mostly into maintaining and no doubt dropping the last unimportant couple of kg. Im seriously into cycling which is awesome, My daughters are both now into cycling as well. This blog as a weight loss blog is pretty much dead but left here for anyone wanting to read it (for whatever reason)

My personal website is at and of course being a geek i also have which doesnt have a lot yet. The weight loss info is at which is a MUCH better website.

My new goals are to improve my cycling speed and endurance. I managed to make 18th on my last ride. I was in the first bunch for most of the way but hadnt ridden in 3 weeks so ended up cramping and dropping back in the last 10km.

Almost at my goal!

60kg/130lb lost so far

Well, ive lost a ton of weight – im officially the correct weigh in to donate my kidney to my brother.
I have now 3 months of tests ahead of me in which i will loose more weight and hopefully get down a fair bit more 🙂

you can see progress pictures at

Im not really posting here much anymore, i generally post on my blog at my weight loss site