Have you got any small McDs or BK toys spare? Please Read!

Heres an email from a friend, can you help him out?

Do you guys know anyone (singular or plural) that has McDonalds or Burger king toys and figures and plastic animals or that sort of thing (any really) they no longer want? I am looking for as many as i can get to use in a video project over the next couple of months. I need heaps. Any i do not use or have finished with will end up being given to preschools etc. If you know of anyone get them to drop them off if they can or if you can collect any and dump them here that would be great or Post to


PO Box 768,


Names etc would be great with them so i can give credit at the end.

Making a number of videos that will be educational and funny, covering Maori language and myths and legends and a few other (non-Maori) stories.