Quantums head Injury update

Well its been 4 days now since he had an accident and landed on his head. Some memories have come back, but most of them hes learnt. ie ‘What is a car’, ‘what is a cat’ etc. Hes extremely smart (was the highest in his class) and logical still, so learns fast which has the side affect of somewhat hiding that hes still not really getting better overly fast.
We went to the hospital as the Occupational therapist was worried when i described over the phone his state.
He’s mentally about 5 years old, but with the smarts of an 11 year old. Hes quiet and polite and very honest. He no longer ‘knows it all’ or shows off, and like a 5yo has no shame at all about anything. Prior to the accident there would be no way in hell he would have let me see him naked, but when having a bath he had no problems with mum helping out.
He doesn’t recall places, people, or things, but can remember doing things more (ie recalls doing dishes with people at camp but doesn’t recall the people).
Beeping noises and tinny sounds drive him mad, he thinks the supermarket is ‘hell’ and sits in the trolly with his hands over his ears until we leave due to the in shop music. He tires easily , a walk around a car park will need a nap afterwards. Walking from one end of the hospital to the other plus stairs meant he was shattered after going into the hospital today.
I can organize an Occupational therapist, however due to a new law i need a Doctors referral and that has to wait until 10 days after the accident. This allows for any natural healing. In the mean time i have no idea what status things are at or how long to expect it to get better.
At the rate hes going there will be no school so I will have to continue working from home. During our visit there was a mention of probably months before hes better.
They did more tests to see what he could recall or not, he recalled sellotape since he had used it the day before, and paper, but had no idea what a ruler was or a pen.
The pen, scissors and sellotape were hidden under a chair for a minute, and then he was asked to see if he could recall what things were hidden.
He recalled the sellotape, the scissors, and an Octopus ….
There are times you are just torn between laughing an crying, this was one of them.

As Paul said, when you see what a minor fall off a low chair can do, you realize how idiotic it is riding a bike without a helmet or similar.

Update: this morning was bad, but this afternoon after his nana naps he seems a lot better, almost his old self. Heres hopeing!