Fundraising for All Star Cheerleading – Chocolate

For those who do not know, 3 of my children do Cheerleading. It started with one, which expensive, but fine. As soon as the others realized how awesome it was it then became rather expensive.
Costs involve
Term fees of over $700 for 3 children doing 2 classes each (one routine, the other tumbling – total 3 hours)
Uniform: $170 each, plus practice uniform $40 each, shoes, an hour trip for each lesson twice a week
Competition fees: $60 each per comp.
Time: I spend a total of 5 hours a week driving and watching cheerleading, they spend 3 hours a week training, plus time at home practicing, and one even practices at school daily.

We’re not poor or hard done by, both my husband and I work, but its never easy finding that kind of cash, and we’re not the only ones. The Gym needs a new sprung floor, and it would be rather nice for us mums to have some heating through winter rather than having to bring duvets and onsies! Fees barely cover hall hire, mats, safety equipment, and coaches.

We came up with some fund raising ideas, one of them included selling chocolate. Now we live in a small town (Cambridge) so there is a limit to how much we can sell, however i do happen to know a ton of awesome people online who love chocolate!

So this is your chance, to get chocolate for $2.50 a bar plus shipping!
We have the following flavours

  • Plain Chocolate – everyone loves it!
  • Top Deck – Normal chocolate on the bottom,white chocolate on top!
  • Caramello – Everyones favourite!

Email me liz at if you are interested, let me know how many, and what flavour!

I can arrange Paypal/CC payments. Donations also accepted or shipping to others as a gift!

Here is a snippet from a month or two back.

This is the kind of thing they are learning to be like (in fact one of their teachers is in this class)