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Basic Guide to Bikes

Tweet This is for my non-cycling friends so I dont have to repeat myself 🙂 Identifying a bike is the first main part of Bikes. If you picked it up at the local convenience store/Warehouse/k Mart then it is worth less than half its value when you walk out the door, and its possibly even […]

Quantums head Injury update

Tweet Well its been 4 days now since he had an accident and landed on his head. Some memories have come back, but most of them hes learnt. ie ‘What is a car’, ‘what is a cat’ etc. Hes extremely smart (was the highest in his class) and logical still, so learns fast which has […]

Quantums Injury/accident – the full story

Tweet Quantum says they got up and went out for a run around the field before breakfast. He got out and realized he had his slippers on, so his leader told him to sit on a chair next to the skate park whilst the others did theirs. He got cold so pulled his knees up […]