Automating the chicken Coop

I’m not overly keen on cage eggs, so i got a few chooks for around home. Legally we are allowed 5 hens (no roosters) since we live in town. Not wanting to annoy neighbours i went for snuggly quiet little silkies which are the poodle of the chicken world .

Since I am not overly keen on early mornings, i have been trying to find a good way to automate the chicken coop. I made a basic sliding door up and down, tied a piece of string to that, ran it through a pully inside hte top of the coop and out the back.

This meant i pulled the string, it pulled the door up. I could tie it off during the day, or easily close it. Since the chicken coop is near my bedroom but outside, i ran the string in a bedroom window – on weekends i open window, pull string, close window and go back to sleep.

Now days thats getting a little old, i want to automate things!

When the chickens were smaller, i set up a raspberry pi with a basic install of rasbian, i installed a raspberry pi camera on that, and put it all in a case. This was ideal for just watching the chicks whilst at work, and when i was integrating new chicks.

Moving on to the more fun project, i ended up using scraps of things from all over the show. My son had an arduino car that had a servo AS3013 (3kg) that i took, along with a plastic end spinning thing. I attached a piece of dowel to that, and made a crappy mount.  This is what my high tech setup looks like.

The idea is that the string for the sliding door wraps about the dowel, pulling it up.

The 3 wires from the servo go on the 5V, ground, and pin 18 according to which has them neatly in a row, and the Pi itself goes in a nice container to keep dust away. I had to drill out some space for the wires going to the servo.

To make the servo work, i installed the RaPi GPIO librarys

sudo apt-get install -y wiringpi

After this i can just create scripts like this to run the servo (this is continuous rotation servo)

# This switches pin 18 to pwm if its not already
gpio -g mode 18 pwm
Now you can tell gpio to set the PWM clock to those numbers:
gpio pwm-ms
gpio pwmc 192
gpio pwmr 2000
# This here tells its the placement
gpio -g pwm 18 200
#sleep whilst it turns for 2 seconds
sleep 2
# Stop the turning and reset that
gpio -g pwm 18 150

Likely im doing this wrong, but it works for me, it was simple and easy to setup and do. THis is from tutorial at

Once i had the servo moving, the camera working, and all that , i made a web page that simply runs the php scripts using exec, this means i can click ‘pic’ and get a pic realtime without running a webcam. Terribly insecure and probably not good, but its on local network only, not a major issue. Door scripts are on a crontab to run at a set time.

I uploaded all the code for this to

Now i just need to wait for a sunny day to install it all 🙂

CHICKENS! (not tech related)

So recently i have decided i wanted a couple chickens, so i could  have eggs. I wanted to do the whole hog, so got a cheap incubator and bought some fertile eggs.

Incubator was not getting up to temp, so i pulled it apart, and fixed it, and put the eggs in. Turns out those eggs were not fertile 🙁
Second time i got a decent incubator, much larger! unfortunately the hygromtre reading was wrong, and temp was about 1C off. I did manage to hatch 4 chicks though from 24 eggs, despite it having all the wrong settings.

Third time incubating, three days before hatch it lost temp, and i ended up doing dodgy hackery things to keep the temp up to try hatching, but ended up with only 3 hatching from 10 eggs

Going for a 4th time lucky, i have new sensors and fixed the whole thing up (yet again) with more reliable ways of heating and measuring these things.

In the mean time, the first 4 chooks were black/blue, and the second batch of 3 are all white.

So from here i clearly needed a cage! I had a ton of pink wood sitting about, so i built a raised cage to deter cats/rats, and give the chickens more run space underneath.

I have since added a veranda, ramp and painted the whole thing. Chooks seem to love it, though are still only about 6 weeks old


The next thing to do is automate it! Heating, door opening, egg notification, etc etc!

A stock reply to unsolicited dick pics

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We will also answer questions you might have such as
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