How to 3D print from an image (conversion)

I tried many variations of this, and most seemed to be really annoyingly hard or not overly great results. This seems to be the best results i have had yet, by doing the following.Pioneer

First of all, get your image, PNG works best IMHO, because you have transparent backgrounds. Ideally you need the image to be contrasty or black/white. Open the image in Gimp, copy and paste it into a new image with transparent background.

Select Color , click desaturate. Click Color -> Brightness/Contrast. Set the brightness up at full, then set the contrast to full. This should give you a black/white high contrast image.

Black is what will show, so remove any white you have now leaving it transparent. Select any crap you don’t want, and delete that now. Once you have the image looking how you want, export that as a file.pnm (raw)


From the commandline, convert that using potrace (installed via apt-get )

potrace pioneer.pnm -s -o pioneer.svg

Now you have a good working svg to work with. Install inkscape if you don’t have it already, and install this plugin according to instructions . Its merely a matter of unzipping the 2 files into ~/.config/inkscape/extensions/

Start inkscape, open the svg. From the “Extensions” menu, select “Generate from Path > Paths to OpenSCAD”. Now you have your scad you can open and compile with openscad (open, press F6)

Export as an stl or modify further within openscad (this one has a background plate i made)


Dear Media Outlets, DailyMail ,and other “News” sites.

Dear Media Outlets, DailyMail ,and other “News” sites.

I imagine your life my be somewhat boring, some of the news reported is barely news at all. I am just wondering though, would it not be better to let go the extra reporters than to keep reporting on the inane drivel you spout?

If I am interested in a singer, it is usually because i love their songs, voice, and other things related to it. The same goes for actors, i enjoy seeing them perform, or win awards for that.

I rarely give a damn what clothes they are wearing, what they look like, who they are dating, or what they had for breakfast.

Please, stop reporting garbage and forcing others to judge people based on criteria nobody gives a shit about.



ps. Stop reporting about people who are famous for being rich and famous.

Wood business card holder

I had some scraps of Mahogany leftover from making my Ukulele, they were nice and thin and just dying to be used for something awesome. I also had some 4mm marine ply from another project, so decided i needed to make something to hold business cards.

First I put a card on the wood, and cut 3 pieces of wood (2 mahogany, 1 ply) to a size just a little larger than the card. I then cut the plywood out to be a C shape, with the C being the slightly larger (by 1-2mm) size of the cards i wanted to put inside.

I glued the 2 mahogany sides on, one on each side and cleaned up all the edges. I used a dremel sander to cut an indent into the top so i can get cards in/out easily (the 2mm mahogany is brittle and thin), then sanded it and oiled the lot. This is clearly to brittle to be in a back pocket, but should be fine in a top pocket or my bag , and looks fantastic when i take out a business card for somebody 🙂small-2014-01-03 09.28.58 small-2014-01-03 09.29.18 small-2014-01-03 09.29.10 small-2014-01-03 09.29.04 small-2014-01-03 09.28.46