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Bikes vs Cars – Road Rules

Tweet There has been much debate in the media and on forums everywhere regarding the whole bikes vs cars thing. Whilst most cyclists are well behaved, and most cars are well behaved, i think there are a select few making things bad for everyone by behaving like a child. So I would just like to […]

Excellent trials stunt city cycling

Tweet It starts out with a few fails, which is great because it shows you that hes not perfect and has to learn. The amazingness of some of the more brilliant stunts make me cringe however when i think of how much he must have hurt when he missed those :/ Over all a worthy […]

R4 Road Race Update

Tweet A few months back as a bunch of us cyclists were talking about doing the R4 road race on Vorb. A couple of people mentioned that Plunket hadnt been paid for voleneering last year as marshalls. I queried this because I didnt know marshalls got paid (usually its just donated time of injured cyclists […]