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RedBot kit Assembly and Basic Code

Tweet I have played with a bit of Arduino, however decided that i wanted to move more into robotics. This entailed learning about motors, servos, and other bits and pieces. I figured a good way to learn the basics was to purchase a kit, and i wanted it to be a semi decent kit, not […]

WordPress Widget for Google+ posts

Tweet If you want a wordpress plugin that feeds your PUBLIC posts to your blog in a widget – test mine for me and let me know how that works for you go into ‘Add plugin’ and search for ‘google plus feed widget’ and it should be at the top (made by Liz Quilty). Direct […]

Bikes vs Cars – Road Rules

Tweet There has been much debate in the media and on forums everywhere regarding the whole bikes vs cars thing. Whilst most cyclists are well behaved, and most cars are well behaved, i think there are a select few making things bad for everyone by behaving like a child. So I would just like to […]