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#define geek – what qualifies a person to be a geek?

Tweet I notice the term GEEK is used a lot these days, every man and his dogs flea refers to themselves as a geek. I’m talking computer geek here today, no other kind 🙂 15 years ago  it was a different story completely. In my book and having talked to several other people online, a […]

hacking tweetwall voting with wget and shell scripting

Tweet #!/bin/bash # copious amount of useless comments 3 pages longer than the code should always be at the top of any shell script # This is so you can run screen and vote for some person lots without looking like some automated voting system # Feel free to use this, but please keep my […]

Interesting ipv6 combinations

Tweet Apon talking about about IPV6 addresses on IRC with some friends, I made the comment that the addresses are hard to remember. So conversation went along the lines of using phone numbers, or making ipv4 go above 255, and pretty much every other stupid idea we could think of. But then we realized, IPV6 […]