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My iPod Touch/iPhone OS 3.0 Review

Tweet Well, I can’t say i own an iPhone, much as I would want to (now they finally have 32GB!), however I was also eagerly waiting OS 3.0 with everyone else. I own an iPod Touch 32GB (2nd Gen). It took some time to move me off the older 60GB classic, the iPod Touch just […]

The @OfficeChair that twitters your farts!

Tweet It seems somebody REALLY wanted to invent something that twitters … everything! but without having to actually do so! Twitter is supposed to happen in that space between Flickr posts and Facebook updates, in the space when life actually happens. Well, in the space of time “when life actually happens,” life actually happens. It […]

Ipod Touch controlled car via 3G

Tweet This must be my next project i think! Though i dont think i would use 3G, just straight wifi on both items. 3G is a tad slow and also pricey. His is fail if he has no WIFI available (unless of course he does like me and sets up his phone to be an […]