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RedBot kit Assembly and Basic Code

Tweet I have played with a bit of Arduino, however decided that i wanted to move more into robotics. This entailed learning about motors, servos, and other bits and pieces. I figured a good way to learn the basics was to purchase a kit, and i wanted it to be a semi decent kit, not […]

Home Made Air Fresheners – DIY

Tweet Found on facebook – put here to remember These gel air fresheners are the perfect project! they take a total of five minutes to make, are highly economical, and each jar should last you about a month. These would also make great gifts! To make these little beauties, you first need heat-proof jars, food coloring, […]

Basic Guide to Bikes

Tweet This is for my non-cycling friends so I dont have to repeat myself 🙂 Identifying a bike is the first main part of Bikes. If you picked it up at the local convenience store/Warehouse/k Mart then it is worth less than half its value when you walk out the door, and its possibly even […]