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Tweet SYMPTOM CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION Feet cold and wet Glass Being held at incorrect angle. Rotate glass so that open end points toward ceiling Feet warm and wet Improper Bladder Control ! Stand next to nearest dog, complain about lack of house training Beer unusually pale and tasteless a. Glass empty. b. You’re holding a […]

Buying things on trademe

Tweet Okay Ive had a few questions for a ‘Buyers’ Trademe hints and tips. Here goes. $1 Reserves Bidding Hours Prices Postage Contact Feedback Expensive/Large Items Testing Changing your mind Honesty $1 Reserves Watch the $1 reserves. If you customize your left hand menu (click the Customize and change it to full) you can have […]

Trademe hints and tips – a Guide on how to make sure you get the best out of your auction